Chill Bump is a rap duo out of Tours, France. They consist of beatmaker, Bankal, and MC, Miscellaneous. The Loop is the group’s fourth EP in one year, and they have put out another really solid and cohesive set of music. In addition, Chill Bump says they are “guaranteed 100% DIY.” I really respect this aspect of these Frenchman’s music, as nowadays it is much easier to rap over the music of others. Chill Bump’s new release is, in my opinion, their best yet. You can check out the rest of Chill Bump’s groovin’ music here, and be sure to stay tuned for more releases, as the duo as put out a nice volume of music in a very short time. Below is only a glimpse of The Loop, so if you like what you hear, definitely listen to the rest of the album, as it is FREE!

2 – Just A Sample 1 by Chill Bump

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